Get Involved in Colorado Springs: How to Find Service Projects

Do you want to make a difference in the Colorado Springs community? There are plenty of ways to get involved and help out, from volunteering with nonprofit organizations to joining service platoons. No matter your age or ability, there is something for everyone. Our goal is to create strong, sustainable, and inclusive communities and quality affordable housing for all people in Colorado Springs. If you're looking for a way to give back, consider joining a service project.

Service projects are open to all veterans who want to continue their service and for all those who are not veterans and want to be part of a national movement to transform communities. Age and accessibility adjustments can be made to any project, so there is space for everyone to influence. The Super Utilizer program strives to help frequent users of the 9-1-1 system and emergency services (six emergency room visits or six calls to 9-1-1 in a 6-month period) in Colorado Springs meet their physical, medical and behavioral health needs through outreach, evaluation, connection to community resources, and care counseling. The Colorado Springs Fire Department's Public and Community Health (CPH) Division was formed to integrate EMS into the broader health system to improve health outcomes for people who need non-emergency services.

HOP carries out intensive outreach work with homeless people who are vulnerable and show very acute behaviors in downtown Colorado Springs. We work hand in hand with people to provide programs and services that address the root causes of poverty and provide essential services. While at home helping the elderly, first responders can observe home and living conditions that indicate that the elderly person needs home care, nursing care, or other types of community support and services. The Rocky Mountain Virginia Regional Medical Center Volunteer Services Office, 1700 North Wheeling Street Aurora, CO 80045-7211. HOP, operates in collaboration with CARES, the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) and the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) Downtown Area Response Team (DART), the Homelessness Prevention Response Coordinator for 26% of the City of Colorado Springs, Homeward Pikes Peak, The Place and Coordinated Entry through the Pikes Peak Community Health Partnership. Thanks to a digital capital grant from the city of Colorado Springs, Catholic Charities of Central Colorado will be one of seven beneficiaries embarking on service platoons. Service platoons are your chance to interact and connect with veterans and community members while making an impact in the community in a real and tangible way.

We currently have service platoons in more than 40 cities across the country that organize events at least once a month. The providers at Children's Hospital Colorado are faculty members at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. The Colorado Springs platoon focuses on parks and recreational activities in the Colorado Springs community for several years. If you're looking for ways to get involved in service projects in Colorado Springs, there are plenty of options available. From volunteering with nonprofit organizations to joining service platoons, there is something for everyone. So don't wait any longer - get out there and make a difference!.

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