Participating in a Service Project in Colorado Springs: Rules and Regulations

Are you looking to take part in a service project in Colorado Springs, Colorado? If so, there are certain rules and regulations that you must adhere to. The City of Colorado Springs has a set of procurement rules and regulations that must be followed for events that take place within city parks or open spaces. These events must not involve road closures, outdoor breweries, high-risk activities, or more than 10,000 participants. Additionally, all hosts must have a fully self-sufficient camping unit with no connections of any kind available.

The Colorado Community Revitalization Grant provides deficit funding for projects in creative districts, historic districts, main streets, or neighborhood malls. This grant supports creative projects that combine housing for the creative industry workforce, commercial spaces, performance spaces, community gathering spaces, nurseries and retail associations for the purpose of economic recovery and diversification. It also supports creative entrepreneurs, artisans and community nonprofit organizations. CASA of the Pikes Peak region is a nonprofit organization that trains and oversees volunteers to represent the best interests of victims of child abuse, neglect, and serious domestic conflict.

Judges appoint CASA volunteers to be a voice for these children in the courts and in the community with the desired result being for children to be placed in safe and loving homes where they can thrive. To become a volunteer with CASA of the Pikes Peak region, you must complete volunteer orientation and additional role-specific training. Maintenance hosts are responsible for changing garbage bags, shuffling fleet vehicles for repair, pruning trees, cleaning campsites, planting flowers in spring, maintaining self-service kiosks, cleaning mosquito nets, welding projects, and more. To receive federal funding for projects, sponsors must agree that the project site be maintained for public outdoor recreation in perpetuity and must comply with site inspections at least once every five years.

If the project cannot continue due to funding restrictions or other factors that prevent it from being completed, sponsors must return the funds. Chaffee County is home to more mountains over 14,000 feet tall than any other Colorado county. Any material submitted in connection with the grant funding request becomes the property of the State of Colorado and is subject to the terms of the Colorado Revised Statutes 24-72-201 through 24-72-206, Public Open Records. Lathrop State Park is located near the exceptionally picturesque Sangre de Cristo Mountains in southern Colorado and has an excellent view of the Spanish Peaks.

A full-time resident volunteer will receive a full hookup site (electricity, sewer, water) in exchange for their volunteer service. Applications will be reviewed by a group of subject matter experts selected based on elements of the project such as housing, commerce, retail, health, energy efficiency, tourism and outdoor recreation, child care, regional representatives from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (OEDIT), rural prosperity representatives from OEDIT, historic preservation specialists and specialists in business funding and incentives. The Bear Aware team's goal is to teach human responsibility when it comes to eliminating attractiveness to reduce conflict with black bears in Colorado. Volunteers who serve on the Friends of Ridgway State Park Board are particularly involved in environmental education and interpretation, community relations and special projects.

Help Colorado Springs area staff with wildlife studies, habitat improvement, transportation of dead bodies and various projects. The City of Colorado Springs charges the cost of any required police or fire medical personnel as well as fees for any additional permits required.

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