Discovering Service Projects in Colorado Springs

Are you looking for a way to make a difference in the community of Colorado Springs? The Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services offers a wide range of volunteer services that you can take part in. From helping keep parks and trails clean to finding a program or event to get involved in, there are plenty of ways to share your love and hope with the city. The Colorado Refugee Services Program (CRSP) is dedicated to ensuring the effective resettlement of refugees and promoting their advancement beyond self-sufficiency. Colorado has a long history of supporting refugee resettlement, and CRSP provides resources for refugees, asylees, community partners, and anyone else interested in connecting with the cause.

The organization funds a network of service providers to support the resettlement and integration of refugees and other eligible populations. The Refugee Integration Fund's legal services programs provide immigration-related legal services and education to help eligible Afghans seek viable paths to permanent legal status in the United States. Colorado Refugee Connect is an initiative led collaboratively by three Colorado resettlement agencies in partnership with CRSP. These welcome packages help newcomers access essential programs and services across the state.

The Colorado Refugee Services Program also invests in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, as developing language and cultural skills is key for economic integration and self-sufficiency. Services include obtaining initial housing, finding and placing work, managing cases, accessing public benefits, referring to other services, and more. Unfortunately, asylum seekers arriving from the southwest border are not eligible for refugee services at this time. The program also collects and analyzes medical examination data from refugees in seven states and health indicators from medical screening clinics in Colorado.

Sponsorship provides a way for individuals and groups to directly support refugees and other displaced people to rebuild their lives in Colorado. Additional legal services programs provide immigration legal services to all eligible refugee populations. For more information about becoming a foster parent from the URM Program, contact the Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains foster care program or Denver Human Services. Thanks to a digital capital grant from the city of Colorado Springs, Catholic Charities of Central Colorado will be one of seven beneficiaries that are embarking on this journey.

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